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Conductivity Plus

Conductivity Plμs can be used to profile conductivity and temperature to depths of 1000ft (300m). ...

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Medidor de Niveles de Agua

The dipper-T water level meter has been designed to provide a long and reliable service life; we back up our claims with a 5-year warranty. Accuracy begins with a top quality, heav ...

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Skinny Dipper

The skinny dipper includes a fully potted, fully removable electronic module. The super bright red LED and buzzer are housed inside this water tight module. The sensitivity dial on ...

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The little dipper

The little dipper signals when contact is made with water, the water shorts the probe tip a and body to complete a circuit. There is no on/off switch. The switch is the water. The ...

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The Sm.OIL

Now Certified intrinsicaly safe. ...

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The dipperLog

The Heron dipperLog is the answer to your long term ground water level monitoring program. ...

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